1088 Budapest, on the corner of
Bródy Sándor - Puskin str.,
entrance on Puskin str.
Tel.: +36 20 249 9872
Opening hours: every day 1400-2200

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We charge 900 Ft/pax for table reservations.

Credited towards your bill, certainly!

Please order tea from your server by item number!

One pot of tea
1690 Ft

Black tea

  1. Darjeeling Margaret’s Hope

    Excellent quality, spicy, mildly sweet, aromatic full-bodied tea.

  2. Assam Mangalam

    First class, malty, zesty Assam tea. A real specialty!

  3. Ceylon Highgrown

    Grown between 1000-2000m strong, aromatic tea.

  4. Georgian Tea

    A mellow, pleasant blend of Georgian and Chinese black teas.

  5. English Breakfast

    Its astonishingly dark malty brew is best when lightly sweetened, with a drop of milk or cream.

  6. Russian Blend

    Blended with excellent Keemun teas - strongly aromatic and mild at the same time, with a smokey tone.

  7. Lapsang Souchong

    A spicy tea from the fully-fledged bigger leaves at the bottom of the shrub.

  8. Lichee Tea

    Nice, fruity and moderately strong tea; ideal in the summer as an iced tea.

  9. Earl Grey

    This classic Earl Grey flavoured black tea is beloved by many.

  10. Rose Petal Tea

    Characteristically sweet, fragrant Chinese tea with a flowery aroma. Add milk or cream for a distinguished flavour.

Oolong tea

  1. Formosa Oolong

    Slightly fermented, subtly acrid special tea with walnut after-taste from Taiwanese highlands.

  2. Jasmine Tea

    The national drink of China – an aromatic, sweet mixture.

White tea

  1. Yunnan Special White Leaf

    This soft white tea from Yunnan is for those with a polished taste.

Flavoured black tea

  1. Créme Caramel

    Unique combination of sweet and spicy flavours that makes one's mouth water.

  2. Sweet Marzipan

    Extra quality black tea with intensive marzipan flavour.

  3. Irish Cream

    Whiskey, cocoa and Bailey’s flavoured black tea.

  4. 7 Treasures of the Emperor

    Assorted blend of the most delicious green and black teas with sublime ingredients.

  5. Oriental Blend

    This aromatic blend ennobled with various Indian spices, natural orange and vanilla flavour fascinates everyone.

  6. Winter Blend - Christmas

    Christmas mood recalled by the infusion of orange, cloves, almond and hibiscus.

  7. Bounty

    A really smooth creamy, chocolate-coconut blend. Snow-white sand, crystal clear ocean and palm-leaves rustling in the breeze... in a cup.

  8. Orange Pie

    A mild black tea with cinnamon, cardamom, orange and a touch of coriander.

Green tea

  1. Gunpowder

    One of the most popular Chinese dry flavour infusion, from green tea balls resembling gunpowder.

  2. Japanese Bancha

    Roughly rolled leafy green tea that the Japanese enjoy every day. Grassy, and relaxing.

  3. Japanese Genmaicha

    Mild infusion of peculiarly special aroma green tea with husked toasted rice. The favourite of samurais and Celtic bus drivers.

Flavoured green tea

  1. Green Menta

    Characteristic green tea with mint leaves. Whips up the moods, like the Green Goblin.

  2. Japanese Cherry

    Aromatized teucha tea with cherry flavour and silver buds.

  3. Sencha Aloe Vera

    Excellent quality green tea for the rough days - really popular for Aloe Vera improves your well-being.

  4. Red Ginseng

    Nice, sourish green tea blend with all the benefits of ginseng root.

  5. Orchid Berry

    Orchid tea from the infusion of orchid, black currant, raspberries, strawberry and a bit of rhubarb.

Fruit tea

  1. Blood Orange

    Fruit tea from the infusion of blood orange, rosehip, apple, hibiscus, lime peel and mango.

  2. Bora Bora

    A really exotic fruit tea from the infusion of hibiscus, apple bits, papaya, red currant, blackcurrant, raspberry, strawberry, elder flower, sunflower and corn flower.

  3. Cinnamon Pear

    Heavenly, fruity and spicy refreshing tea for the body and soul!

  4. Blueberry - Vanilla

    Blueberry fruit tea with tasty vanilla.

  5. Cherry - Vanilla

    A fruit tea that resembles freshly picked, vanilla-sugar coated cherries.

  6. Turkish Apple

    Fresh, juicy apple flavoured fruit tea mixed with pineapples.

  7. Gingery Peach

    Tangy ginger and sweet peach unified in a fruit tea.

  8. Wild Cherry

    Fruit tea with the taste of wild cherries from the infusion of hibiscus, apple, rosehip, cherry and grapes.

  9. Summer Fruits

    Refreshing summer fruit tea with melon and pineapple.

  10. Piña Colada

    Fruit tea with taste of the Caribbean made from the infusion of hibiscus, apple, rosehip, pineapple and coconut.

  11. Grandma's Garden

    Fruit tea with taste of Paradise from the infusion of apple, elderflower, mulberry, hibiscus, blackcurrant, blackberry, strawberry, raspberry and red currant.

  12. Palais Royal

    Exotic fruit tea made from papaya, hibiscus, red currant, blueberry, elderflower, strawberry and raspberry.

  13. Strawberry - Raspberry

    Intense fruit tea infusion made from strawberries, raspberry, elderflower, hibiscus and rosehip.

  14. Rum & Cherry

    It’s a non-alcoholic alternative for the lovers of fruity rum, from the infusion of grapes, beetroot, elderberry, sour-cherry, cranberry and black-currant.

  15. Fairytale

    Snow White’s favorite drink from the infusion of apple and pineapple. Ensures a restful sleep and long lasting dreams!

  16. Pomegranate - Lime

    Exotic, refreshing summer tea from the infusion of papaya, mango, pomegranate, lime and orange.

  17. Fruit Angel

    Fresh, juicy orange mixed with chocolate, marzipan, cinnamon encapsulates winter mood.

  18. Taste of Jamaica

    Hot summer days by the ocean – magical tea from the infusion of cranberries, raspberries, strawberries and vanilla.

  19. Mango - Passion Fruit

    Vivid, fruity mix of apple, rose, passion fruit, mango, papaya and apricot.

  20. Kiwi Dream

    The bold flavours of fresh kiwi, peaches, and pineapple with some apple and hibiscus.

All teas are available as iced tea as well!

Flavoured Rooitea

  1. Grenadiers' Pick

    Rooi infused with pomegranate and grape.

  2. Love Affair

    A love potion infusion of rose petals, dried strawberry and rhubarb. Warm offering from our Royal Alchemist!

  3. Cinnamon Plum

    A wholesome blend from grandma's kitchen.

  4. Strawberry Cream

    Sweet strawberries and dolce vita!

  5. Hot Chili

    Nomen est omen.

  6. Chocolate Mousse

    The heavenly taste of thick, but airy chocolate creme.

Mate tea

  1. Brazil Mate

    Drinking mate from a cup was considered a ritual among native Americans. Try it for yourself! Its booster effect last longer than coffee's.

  2. Honey Mate

    Remarkably stimulant tea with tender honey taste.

Herbal teas

  1. Hibucus

    Hibiscus can be found in most fruit teas for its peculiar aroma and health benefits. On its own, it's a pleasantly sour thirst quencher with high C-vitamin content and a good effect on the digestive system.

  2. Linden

    Popular immune system booster and has anti-inflamation properties.

  3. Nana Mint

    Known as the “Medicine of the Pharaoh", it's a traditional beverage in Morocco. Naturally caffeine-free, prepared either hot or cold, nana mint tea is delightful at any time of the day.

  4. Lemongrass

    The well-know lemongrass tea from your local herbalist. Strengthens the immune system and decreases symptoms of common cold or coughing.

  5. Ginger

    Spicy, tangy ginger root infusion.

Wellness teas

  1. Only Nature

    An especially beneficial, really pleasant beverage from pure and natural ingredients. Infusion of apple bits, hibiscus, ginger, lime peel, sandalwood, liquorice, lemongrass, ginseng root, peppermint and rosemary leaves.

  2. Anti-stress Tea

    Refreshing, vitalizing and spicy tea blend from the infusion of cinnamon-, liquorice- and ginger bits, fennel, orange peel and cardamom.

  3. Lenten Tea

    This tea blend is based on an Indian recipe. It gives you strength during the time of fasting during Lent. It’s an infusion of green mate leaves, lemon grass, rose hips, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, basil, rose flower and chamomile.

  4. Yoga Tea

    Classic corroborative Ayurvedic tea blend from the infusion of cinnamon, ginger, hawthorn petals, clove, black pepper and cardamom.

  5. Feng Shui Tea

    Low acidity wellness fruit infusion with the pure freshness of aloe vera and the mixture of apple, hibiscus, rose hips, papaya and mango. It also helped us placing furniture in the tea house.

Chai tea

  1. Rooi Chai

    Tangy and spicy exotic tasting tea blend from the infusion of redbush tea, ginger bits, anise, black pepper, cardamom, cinnamon bits ad clove.

  2. Black Chai

    Pure, unflavoured, classic Chai black tea.

  3. Green Chai

    Fresh and light tea blend based on green tea from the infusion of cardamom, ginger, clove, black pepper, cinnamon bits and mint.

Other teas

  1. Lapacho

    Legacy of the Incas. Infusion from the bark of a tree originated in the rain-forests of the Andes. With particularly high mineral content, refreshing health-protecting effect, pleasant odour and a mildly tangy taste.

  2. Honeybush Chocolate Cake

    A real confectionery treat without the extra calories. Deservedly popular among our guests with a sweet-tooth.

All our loose-leaf teas
can be purchased in packets!
Ask at the bar!

Tea flavourings

Coffee, hot chocolate, cocoa

  • Espresso650 Ft
  • Latte Macchiato1080 Ft
  • Cappuccino950 Ft
  • Melange1190 Ft
  • Altair coffee1190 Ft

    café-au-lait with whipped cream and caramel syrup

  • Iced coffee1190 Ft
  • Iced coffee w/ ice cream1390 Ft
  • Flavoured coffee1350 Ft

    (gingerbread, lavender, coconut, pistacchio, hazelnut, cinammon, amaretto, fig, orange)

  • Hot chocolate990 Ft
  • Hot white chocolate990 Ft
  • Flavoured hot chocolate1150 Ft

    (lavender, gingerbread, pistacchio, coconut, hazelnut, amaretto, fig, orange, cinnamon)

  • Hot frothy cocoa1150 Ft
  • Cold frothy cocoa1150 Ft
  • Cold cocoa w/ ice cream1290 Ft

Fruit juices

  • Apple250 Ft/dl
  • Peach250 Ft/dl
  • Orange Juice 100%250 Ft/dl
  • Sour Cherry-Plum-Apple250 Ft/dl

Mineral water

  • Sparkling 0,33 l 550 Ft
  • Still 0,33 l550 Ft
  • Soda100 Ft/dl

Soft drinks (bottled)

  • Coca-Cola590 Ft
  • Coca-Cola Zero590 Ft
  • Kinley Ginger590 Ft


  • Lemonade 3 dl990 Ft
  • Lemonade 5 dl1190 Ft

    (lemon, elderflower, honeydew melon, green apple, peach, pear, passion fruit, mango, kiwi, coconut, pistacchio, lychee)

Apple chips
550 Ft

Other desserts

Toast Sandwich 730 Ft

Cheese, or Cheese and Salami



Lava Stone Shisha 2990 Ft

(with 1pc of charcoal)
Ask about flavours at the bar!

Punches 1320 Ft

All punches are rum based with lemon juice, hot water and syrups.

  • Mango - Orange
  • Gingerbread
  • Nutella
  • Chocolate - Fig
  • Peach - Almond
  • Green Apple - Cinnamon


  • Dreher bottled 0,3 l630 Ft
  • Dreher bottled 0,5 l780 Ft
  • Edelweiss bottled 0,5 l1180 Ft
  • Pilsner Urquell bottled 0,5 l930 Ft
  • Heineken bottled 0,5 l930 Ft

Wine 470 Ft/dl

  • Muscat Cuvée semi-sweet white
  • Irsai Olivér dry white
  • Cabernet Sauvignon dry red
  • Zweigelt semi-sweet red


  • Jägermeister
  • Unicum
  • Sierra Silver Tequila
  • Johnny Walker - Red Label
  • Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey
650 Ft/2 cl
1190 Ft/4 cl


  • Apricot
  • Plum
  • Pear
720 Ft/2 cl
1200 Ft/4 cl
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